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MSC Class of ’14 Celebrates Week 10, Term 2!

It’s week 10 and after Saturday, we officially have completed half of the MSC program! To celebrate (and to get together outside of Francis Searle), fellow classmates, Martina Smith, Andy Hinds and Pablo Lopez organized an awesome bowling event at Lucky Strike, Chicago.  After class last Saturday, many of us headed down to the city for a night of bowling, socializing, and as it turned out, some dancing, too! This particular event was especially entertaining because we all got to be together around a playful, fun, and non-stressful activity. I forgot how much fun bowling is – especially when you get to do it in the dark, with neon lights and music playing. Check out some of the photos from this term’s social event! I can’t wait to see what the Spring and Summer term events will be! Cheers, classmates!

1958570_10100171628731851_1347390899_nMSC_Lucky Strike_3-8-14photo 1 (2)