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Time is ticking for the fall quarter…

As midterms swiftly pass and the quarter continues to speed by, the MSC Class of 2015 works diligently to have a successful end to their first quarter. Change Management with Professor Michael Roloff is providing the students with an adequate amount of information to get their minds thinking one step ahead of the game! Professor Roloff provides real world examples while he instills the valuable concepts of change management to the class.

Iesha Mitchell, a current MSC student stated, “I thoroughly enjoy the Change Management course because the topics are relevant to everyone in the class.” Being able to relate to the students is very important to continuously grasp their attention. This is a successful strategy that Professor Roloff utilizes!

An informative think and apply paper was recently due for their midterm, and the students are thrilled to have completed such a huge assignment in a Masters program at Northwestern University! As the end of the quarter approaches the MSC Class of 2015 buckles down even harder because they are fully aware that time is ticking and every second counts towards success!