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Practical Advice, concluded: Tuition Breakdown

To wrap up my mini-series of posts on practical matters, following is a bit of helpful information regarding tuition.

Important to Know:

  • Tuition is not billed in four equal segments; rather, it is billed per credit.
  • Fall quarter (for domestic students) contains the most credits, and therefore it is more expensive than the subsequent three quarters.

What might this mean for you?

  • If you are managing your own tuition and/or financial aid, you may wish to anticipate payments and/or disbursements to accommodate this fluctuation in amount due throughout the program.
  • If you anticipate four equal payments, you’ll end up owing more than you anticipated when you get your October bill, and less than you anticipated the rest of the year.

Although I may be in the minority of my cohort having experienced the topics covered here and here, I hope this information will be helpful to individuals in future classes. As prospective Masters in Communication, information gained through experience would be a terrible thing to waste.