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Keeping Work and Leisure Separate

As I was sitting in my apartment trying to write my 1st Paper for the Change Management Course, I kept getting distracted. Whether it was the television and the various sporting events going on, seeing the book I’ve been reading in my free time, or the dirty dishes I needed to clean, just writing each sentence in my paper was becoming more difficult. It became like trying to take the next step up a mountain becoming increasingly steeper.

Eventually, the fire alarm in my building went off and we had to evacuate. Now my work was completely disrupted and my train of thought fell off the tracks. I realized that the product I was writing was not my best quality and I needed a change of scenery.

After we were allowed back into the building, I packed up my laptop, notes, and bubble gum, (my secret homework tool,) and went off to the library. I immersed myself in a stronghold of books and zoned in on my topic. After two solid hours, I cranked out a few pages of my paper and felt a great sense of accomplishment.

It’s important to keep your places of work and leisure separate. My best advice is to get out of your room or out of your house to complete your homework. If that’s not possible, then set aside a special place in your home designated for schoolwork. It’s important to complete your homework, but it’s also important to have a place of rest and relaxation. As a Full-Time working professional and part-time Graduate Student, you need a place to kick back, relax and unwind apart from the anxieties of work and school