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Infographics in Everyday Life

right-vs-leftVisual communication surrounds us everyday. In class this past week, our assignment was to design an inforgraphic displaying numerical data that would otherwise be boring.

I used right brain vs. left brain statistics for my infographic, as shown below. It shows the percentages of right, left and equal brained people in the United States and compares it to the people in Germany. Then it shows the characteristics of someone who is left and right brained.

The bottom of my infographic displays percentages of people who are right handed and left handed based on gender.

*Fun Fact: Did you know that the right side of your brain controls the muscles on the left side of your body and the left brain controls the right side?

The consensus from the class was that they enjoyed designing infographics because they can be used in every day life.

We encounter statistics on a daily basis, and for those of us who do not like numbers find the data boring. Putting the numbers in a creative and easy to follow infographic will make people want to look at it, and learn while they look.

I even noticed the other day when the electric bill came in the mail that one side had the boring straightforward numbers for those left brainers, and the other side displayed the information in an inforgraphic for those of us who are more right brained.