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Summer School – Here We Go!

Normally, one doesn’t think of “Summer School” in a favorable view. Growing up, I dreaded the idea of going to school or doing homework in June, July and August. However, now that I am working full-time for a few years, I’ve grown accustomed to working the summer months.

In fact, I’m actually looking forward to the final quarter.

I was originally registered for an elective course that I did not want to take. Thankfully, our MSC Admissions Counselors are great and were able to swap me with someone else so now I’m enrolled in a course with topics that pique my interest. I’m so thankful our program is staffed with genuine, caring counselors.

Even though I’m about to embark on a 6-week quarter compressed with 10 weeks of material, I’m still excited for tomorrow.

I see this quarter and summer as being one of the most invigorating months in my life. Juggling my job, school work, sailing lessons, friends, and volunteer work amongst other responsibilities poses a daunting challenge. It’s when we’re tested with adversity that our true character is revealed. That being said, it’s Game On and Go Time!