What industries is the NU MSC program best suited for?

MSC students come from a variety of professional backgrounds. The diversity of their work experiences creates a vibrant class culture allowing lectures to draw upon that diversity.  Every industry needs strong, effective communicators. Whether you are interested in Health Communication or Finance, the ability to create messaging and connect with an audience is paramount in today’s competitive business environment.

The School of Communication understands that MSC students require a curriculum design that is flexible and adaptable.  That is one of this program’s biggest strengths. Time and again, employers mention that communication skills, and other “soft skills” are what they seek in employees and applicants. And this is across industries.

MSC’s curriculum design consistently stands the test of time. It challenges students to see themselves as communications experts. And since we communicate to stakeholders every day, the impact from your studies can be seen immediately. From health communication to consulting, crafting messages specifically honed for an intended audience, are vital in virtually every industry.  

As the program’s career coach, I meet with students frequently who are seeking to use the program as the catapult to enter a new field. Each coaching session draws upon a student’s unique background and the skills they’ve developed from the program. Each of the industries they are exploring are searching for many of the same qualities: someone who is seen as a leader, an effective communicator and has strategic vision.  As an MSC student, the course content is applicable to many industries and gives you the ability to propel your career forward. 

Michael Johnson
Associate Director
MSC External Programs, Internships, & Career Services

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