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How do I find a Communication Masters that fits my schedule?

Whether it’s finding a new role or negotiating a raise, earning a master’s degree in communication can lead to new opportunities for professionals in the workplace.

In a world where people are busier than ever, it’s more important for those interested in a master’s degree in communication to find a flexible program that allows them to work and earn a degree at the same time. Northwestern University’s Master of Science in Communication program offers two programs for today’s working professional: the Custom Leadership Program (CLP) and Hybrid Leadership Program (HLP).

The Custom Leadership Program is a Saturday-only program in which students pick their electives based on their individual goals for career and personal growth. I graduated from this version of MSC in 2011 and really benefited from being able to choose electives that were of most interest to me, but what I loved most was the flexibility of being able to go to class on Saturday and implement ideas in the workplace on Monday morning. With electives capped at 24 students, the discussion in the classroom was enriched and we had tremendous access to world-class professors. Being able to discuss theories and immediately implement them in the workplace was of tremendous value to someone who was not able to attend a program that met during the week or in the evenings.

The Hybrid Leadership Program is unique in that students take courses online at their own pace and attend four in-residence weekends throughout the year long program. These in-residence weekends are highly immersive and allow students to really focus on building upon and practicing the skills learned online, while engaging with their classmates. The HLP curriculum is designed for more seasoned professionals who are looking to enhance their career. A unique benefit of this program is that we are able to provide access to students who might not have otherwise been able to enroll in the MSC program. Students in places like California, New York, and Florida can take classes in the HLP each week without physically being on campus.

Whether you’re someone who benefits from being in class each week or a more experienced professional who learns best from an asynchronous course schedule, MSC offers two very different but unique options that allows for tremendous flexibility.

Anne Marie Adams
Assistant Director MSC Program
MSC class 2011