Friday Roundup: 6/9/17

Our weekly roundup highlights links to articles and talks to help you be a more effective leader.
  1. Corporate culture will always matter (CIO)

    By some estimates, 1.3 billion human beings will one day be working virtually — and sooner than we think. That leads us to the primary argument for culture’s waning importance in the corporate world. When any job can be done from any place, we don’t need offices — and when we don’t need offices, we don’t need corporate culture.

    “Respectfully, though, we think that’s a little off the mark. Wherever people come together with a common goal, culture is “happening” — whether we acknowledge it or not.”

  2. The Internet Is Where We Share — and Steal — the Best Ideas (NYT)

  3. MSC Professors Receive a Top Paper Award (MSC)
    Professors Michelle Shumate and Noshir Contractor along with Sophia Fu received a Top 4 Paper Award in the Organizational Communication Division at the 67th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA).

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