Friday Roundup: 6/16/17

Our weekly roundup highlights links to articles and talks to help you be a more effective leader.
  1. If everything is a network, nothing is a network (

    “There’s something very attractive about seeing everything as connected; it serves a basic need to rationalise everything in terms of cause and effect. It offers the mechanics of countless feedback loops that, if we could only count them all, would allow us to uncover ‘the big picture’. “

  2. One Fact Constraining Globalization: It’s a Big Planet (Bloomberg)

    “The equation takes varied forms, but a simple variant suggests that, once we have adjusted for the gross domestic product of countries and some other control variables, trade is on average inversely proportional to distance. More concretely, the U.S. trades much more with Canada than with Australia, even though the economic profiles of Canada and Australia are relatively similar.”

  3. A Conversation with Northwestern MSC Student, Gretchen Baker (MSC)

    “We have different reasons for taking the program and we have different backgrounds, are of all ages and stages in our lives and careers. At every stage in your life it’s easy to find yourself surrounded by people who are similar to you. It’s great being in this diverse environment with different people who are here for the same reason: to learn. I love that.”

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