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Friday Roundup: 7/14/17

Our weekly roundup highlights links to articles and talks to help you be a more effective leader.

  1. The Ways Your Brain Manages Overload, and How to Improve Them (HBR)

    “At the core of managing information overload is the ability to know which function to use, and how and when to use it. The six principles below can serve as a guide to the proper brain hygiene for managing information overload on a busy work day.”


    “Who wouldn’t want to capture some of the estimated $6 trillion in play with the Internet of Things (IoT)? Companies embrace IoT solutions for a number of reasons, such as lowering operating costs, increasing productivity, expanding into new markets, and developing new products/services. However, it may seem as if only small, agile companies are reaping the benefits of the IoT: innovation appears to be the domain of upstarts.”

  3. Are You a Great Leader? Here’s the Only Proof That Matters (Inc.)

    Great leaders know how to develop great employees. This is critically important to an organization because having exceptional gifts when it comes to mentoring, encouragement, and an ability to pass on what you know to others means the entire company is great, not just one person. The true sign of greatness is not one leader puffing up his or her credentials; it’s when those credentials start mirroring themselves in everyone at the company.”