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Learning Themes: What Does Communication Mean To Us?

Any master’s degree program should be able to explain in not-so-many words how it’s curriculum is designed. We can explain our curriculum in two words “Learning Themes”. Our curriculum is anchored by three learning themes – Managing Complexity, Collaborative Leadership and Elegant Communication. 
The Master of Science in Communication program curriculum is deliberate and unique. We believe that the Learning Themes are integral not only to the MSC program but to becoming a successful communicator. Mastering these themes by combining the conceptual and applied knowledge will provide you will a skillset that will set you apart from your peers.

The core courses in the MSC program will introduce conceptual knowledge from each of these themes and provide you with an opportunity share your own experience or applied knowledge from your workplace to help deepen your understanding of the concepts. As a class – along with your faculty – you will take this all one step further by combining the conceptual knowledge with the applied knowledge and creating brand new produced knowledge. This produced knowledge did not exist before you entered the MSC program, this is knowledge that you will take with you and use in your job and a variety other real life situation that call for it.   

Learn more about how our learning themes can be found in both the Custom Leadership Program and the Hybrid Leadership Program.