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Introducing Randall Iden as the MSC Program’s New Faculty Director

The MSC Program is excited to share that Professor Randall Iden is the program’s new Faculty Director. The Faculty Director is responsible for supervision of the entire MSC program from admissions through alumni relations. He is also the main liaison with the Department of Communication Studies and the School of Communication, making sure that we have the physical resources and academic talent to maintain the excellence of the program.

A History with MSC

As many of you know, Professor Iden has a long history with the program. He graduated from the program in 2002, began teaching for the program in 2009, and became the first full-time faculty member the MSC program has had last year.

“When I was 39 years old I was at a career crossroads. I heard about the MSC program and thought it was a great opportunity to go back to school after being out for a while,” Iden said thinking back to his first experience in MSC. “I enjoyed studying communication which had not been on my radar previously.”

After graduating from the program, ‘Randy’ to those who know him, continued at Northwestern to earn his Ph.D. in rhetoric.

In 2009 he began teaching what had previously been Irv Rein’s course in Public Speaking and Crisis Management. “It was a huge honor and huge shoes to fill,” says Iden. “It was great to be on the other side of the classroom.”

In 2013 Randy began to teach Corporate Citizenship. “It was a topic that was close to my heart, and putting the course together was a labor of love.”

Maintaining Momentum

“Under the direction of Michelle Shumate [Iden’s predecessor] the MSC program has been updated and transformed keeping the best elements and adding several courses designed to address the changing landscape of communication,” Iden said, pointing specifically to the launch of the Hybrid Leadership Program in 2016 that has allowed the MSC program to reach a broader geographic audience.

“The program is fortunate to have a fabulous team in place who are incredibly talented and hard-working people in every position. They pull together to serve the needs of our student population.”


Looking Forward

Professor Iden is excited that he will still be able to teach his Strategic Communication course in the fall as well as the core course in the summer. Teaching enables him to keep his finger on the pulse of the cohort that makes up the heart of the MSC.

“After all these years, the people who choose MSC are interested in learning about themselves, their professions, and the subject of communication. I find it to be endlessly fascinating.”

Please feel free to reach out to Professor Iden with any congratulations or questions about the program at