Board and Committees

Board and Committees

The MSC AA Board and Committees are comprised of alumni volunteers who are passionate about implementing channels to engage MSC alumni.  Want to join a committee? Contact us.  

Barb Lack (’13), President
Craig Pugh (’90), President-Elect
Tina Bowness (’03), Vice President
Lola Ansensio (’14), Vice President-Elect
Tyra Darville-Layne (’14), Secretary
Bob Lueders (’95), Treasurer

Mentoring Committee – Bob Rowley and Lola Ansensio, Co-Chairs
Responsible for setting up a structure in close consultation with Amy J. Hauenstein and the MSC Program to create a program, rules and standards to match willing alumni effectively as mentors with interested current MSC students. This committee may eventually be coordinated with a career advisor if one is appointed by the MSC Program.

Communications Committee – Alex Maegdlin, Chair
Responsible for the brand strategy, member communications management, website management, social media engagement, survey distribution, and other communications initiatives.

Events Committee – Penelope Johnson, Chair
Responsible for seeking out ideas and advice and plan events, including alumni seminars, MSC professor speaker series, networking, and continuing educational events.

Bylaws Committee – Donna Rosenbaum, Chair
Responsible for reviewing old bylaws of former alumni groups, researching appropriate bylaws and leadership structure for the MSC AA and our MSC leadership going forward–as well as working on interaction with the Northwestern Alumni Association to integrate our group into broader Northwestern alumni organizations. Click view to read the MSC AA Bylaws.

Analytics Committee – Mark Goetsch, Chair 
Responsible for establishing best practices and supporting tracking results of the work underway by the MSC AA. This includes, but is not limited to, measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of our Events work, the reach of our Communication and Branding efforts and the success of our Mentorship program. The data the committee provides will also help inform future efforts by the Alumni Association.

International Committee – Lu Bai, Chair
Responsible for engaging international alumni and supporting international students. The committee intends to plan seminars for international students on topics ranging from career development to utilizing campus resources and leveraging international networks and connections. They will also work with the Mentoring and Events Committees on related programming.

Membership Committee – Brandon Oelling and Alex Maegdlin, Co-Chairs
Responsible for promoting membership to the MSC AA to current MSC students and to all MSC alumni. Keeping an up-to-date chart of members and coordinating a member database and occasional surveys of members.