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Erika Schulz Nygaard

The Spring Quarter Slide (With Apologies to the Trees)

It happens every year. My favorite group of trees on the lakefront come alive with beautiful, delicate, fragrant blossoms in spite of the winter weather they endure. Half of them white, half of them pink, their branches positively exploding with flowers. I make a point of walking through them every day this time of year, a seasonal

What’s NEXT?

Last month I had the opportunity to be an extern for a day through Northwestern’s NEXT program. This program pairs alumni with students to provide a “day in the life” job shadowing experience. After being matched with an alumna host, I traveled to Neenah, WI to witness corporate publishing in action! It was a great

Class of 2013/2015 Mixer

In February we had the honor of being invited to join members of the 2013 cohort for a mixer after class. It was great to see some familiar faces from my previous alumni networking, and to meet some new ones as well. Many thanks to Penelope for organizing the gathering! The MSC program is a


Ah, winter quarter. I think I speak for many in the cohort when I say this round the volume has been turned up, so to speak. As the MSC balloon in all our lives grew more inflated, it squeezed the other parts of our identities. Like children with faces pressed tightly up against a window

The Aftermath

Prospective MSC students often ask about workload in the program. “How do you deal with it?” “Do you have time to do anything?” The answer is: you just deal, even if you can’t really articulate how it all gets done. I like this shot of the aftermath of an evening group work session in the

The Ice Rink is OPEN!

I recently read an article in The Daily Northwestern indicating the general student consensus on Winter Quarter is that it is something to “get through.” The author of the article had additional thoughts, and I concur. It’s so easy and predictable to love warm, sunny weather. But in Chicago, we usually just grow a winter

I <3 Job & Internship Fair

The MSC program is structured for students who work full time. If that were the case for me, there’s little chance I would have attended last month’s Job Fair (or do anything else at Northwestern outside of attend classes on Saturdays). But since I’m currently part of the contingency workforce I was able to go,

Globalization–Inside and Outside the Classroom

In the MSC program, we often confirm for prospective students that classroom learnings are immediately applicable to life outside of school. I experienced a good example of this school-life connection earlier this week when I attended the announcement event for the Roberta Buffet Institute for Global Studies—a new center founded by a historic gift to the university

I Don’t Want to Go

1/9/15 7:45pm It’s the eve of Q2. In a way, school already started; I began reading for both courses about one week ago. But tomorrow is the big day when I go back to class after which there are “no tuition refunds,” and I can’t shake the feeling: a part of me doesn’t want to go.