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Michelle Shumate

michelleProfessor Michelle Shumate earned her PhD in communication from the University of Southern California. Her research investigates the dynamics of interorganizational networks designed to impact large social issues; developing and testing theories to visualize, understand, and enable effective interorganizational networks in a variety of contexts including nongovernmental organization (NGO)-corporate partnerships; development and disease NGOs; expert-NGO partnerships in sustainable development; and interorganizational networks for healthy communities. She was awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER award and a Beckman Fellowship at the Center for Advanced Study at the University of Illinois, where she was the director of the Interorganizational Networks research group.


Foundations of Strategic Communication Management

The affordances of new technologies and changes in the modern business landscape have fundamentally transformed strategic communication. Where previous research and practice has separated public relations from organizational communication, the modern environment makes such a distinction not only meaningless, but dangerous. This course explores the new foundations of strategic communication, beginning with stakeholder identi cation and assessment. It then explores cases that demonstrate the ways that external stakeholders can and should in uence organizational processes and practices. Next it turns to cases that demonstrate how internal organizational processes and practices impinge on traditional public relations strategy. Finally, this class uses authentic corporate social responsibility communication as an ideal case that unites both of these forces.

Nonprofit Leadership

This course focuses on the challenges of leading a nonprofit organization that stretch even the most seasoned leaders – exploring concepts related to maximizing both the social impact of their work and financial obligations of the organization. In this course, students delve into the challenges of nonprofit leadership with an overview of the nonprofit sector and the leadership roles in typical nonprofits. Students learn about the sector in general, the fiduciary and normative roles of board members, and typical responsibilities of chief executives. In addition, special attention is given to the relationship between the board and staff, which can be managed in a variety of ways.