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Susan D Carver

Susan D. Carver, Ph.D. has designed and implemented diversity programs, workshops and graduate courses for educational and religious institutions, city governments, NASA and large and small businesses. She has a unique capacity to discern and account for her own worldviews which informs her capacity to help attendees understand and optimize cultural differences to help establish productive and effective relationships. She has been recognized for her ability to motivate and guide individuals through the process of assessing their cultural awareness and targeting areas where growth will enhance their cultural IQ. Carver is funded by the National Science Foundation, directing educational programs for Cleveland State University. She earned a PhD in Educational Administration, as well as a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction. She has received national recognition for her creative leadership, winning the Rutgers University Women in Government Award and she was honored by the United States Conference of Mayors for excellence in the development and implementation of diversity programming.


In Residence Seminar: Cultural Intelligence and Managing Inclusion
This seminar will help raise students’ cultural sensitivity and competence while focusing on the multiple types of diversity issues in the workplace. Students will develop cultural self-awareness and begin to learn to create and modify work environments and experiences to communicate effectively across cultures. Experiential training will include mini-lectures, discussions, case-based simulations, and in-depth readings to enable students to further their understanding of ability, age, gender, race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic backgrounds in order to create common ground for furthering mutual goals among colleagues and clients.