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Communication School Career Options

The decision to choose a communication program is never easy.   You may be thinking about the types of jobs available after your program of study.  You may have questions about the return on your investment.  These are all valid questions when you begin thinking about the types of jobs you might be qualified for after your graduate program.

The MSC program gives students the flexibility to take classes online or on Saturdays.  This means you can focus on your current position and gain new skills to transition into a new role (and not loose out on a year’s income!). You can also use the time to build up your portfolio of skills and use the school year to network with Northwestern alumni to make the connections you need for an all-important career transition.

I coach students each week and help them evaluate their career options. Many times coaching can come down to helping someone see their potential.  It’s becoming more common for people to change jobs or positions every couple of years.  These means job seekers constantly need to evaluate and revaluate their potential as they change positions.  That type of movement, whether vertical or horizontal, means each role will require new skills and force you to pull from your reservoir of talents. The job (or jobs) you take after you complete your MSC degree may change from what you initially want to do.  The fact you have a master’s degree from Northwestern will open new doors for you, but ultimately it means your ability to think critically and communicate effectively will give you the foundation to succeed in any career you choose.

Michael Johnson
Associate Director EPICS