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Northwestern Alumni

Explore New Roads with the Northwestern MSC

Over 260,000 Northwestern alumni reach across the globe, leading transformational initiatives.

Leaders In Every Industry​

Transforming teams, organizations, and individuals​

CEOs, entrepreneurs, mentors, storytellers — Northwestern’s MSC alumni now lead the charge, changing the world every day. Healthcare, technology, education, media, finance — the list goes on.

When you attend the MSC program, you join one of the most passionate and connected networks on the planet.

Alumni Spotlight

Meet a Few Northwestern MSC Alumni

Discover why these industry leaders and executives chose the Northwestern MSC — and how the program helped them transform.

Jacob Goldstein

MSC Alumnus

Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant | Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Jeanne Sparrow

MSC Alumnus

TV & Radio Personality, Speaker & Founder | Fearless Authenticity

Brandon Oelling

MSC Alumnus

Founder and CEO |

The MSC Alumni Association

Connect with the Active MSC Alumni Association

Established to cultivate community.

The transformative nature of the MSC program means those who graduate from it share a unique connection and perspective of the world.

The MSC AA cultivates this community through networking, social events, continuing education, professional opportunities — and more.


MSC Digital Archive

Contribute to the Story

Discover the story behind the Northwestern MSC,

Communication is inherent to the human experience. It’s how we learn, how we connect, how we grow.

The experiences evoked by the Northwestern MSC — the transformative power of a new perspective — have changed many lives.

Learn more about the program through this multimedia digital archive project.

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