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The MSC Alumni Association

Meet The MSC Alumni Association’s Executive Board

When you graduate from the MSC, you become part of a global, supportive leadership team.

The MSC Alumni Association Purpose

Supporting Alumni. Cultivating Community.

Those who choose to earn a Master of Science in Communication stand out from the crowd.

The MSC Alumni Association (MSC AA) helps strengthen these connections after graduation. With an active executive board, four elected officers, and eight committees, all alumni have the opportunity to contribute.

The MSC AA Vision

The MSC alumni are forward-thinking global communicators with a common vision to support alumni and current students through social engagement, continuing education and mentorship.

The MSC AA Mission

The mission of the MSC AA is to address the professional interests of the MSC Alumni by cultivating a sense of community through networking, continuing education and mentoring.

MSC AA Executive Board

Meet the MSC AA Executive Board

The MSC AA is currently comprised of over 1,600 alumni worldwide. The executive board works to ensure the MSC AA vision is upheld and our efforts support our mission.

Mev Alam


Indira Ramos

Vice President

Jie Chen


Maddie Stengel


MSC AA Committee Chairs

Join a Committee. Take on a Leadership Role.

MSC Alumni are encouraged to join a committee to enhance the experience for all. There are four committees: Communications, Engagement & Events, International, and Mentorship.

Leia Bradford

Communication Committee

Bob Lueders

Engagement & Events Committee

Anneliese Hellwig-Schuster

International Committee

Bob Rowley

Mentorship Committee

Attend the Next Alumni Event

Join us for the next networking, professional development, or celebratory gathering.

With dozens of hosted events each year, the MSC AA strive to offer informative, engaging experiences for all alumni.

Get Involved with the MSC AA Today

Are You a MSC Alumni?​

Share your knowledge and leadership with the MSC AA to both support graduates and current MSC students. 

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