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Delve Into the MSC Archives

Find out more about the MSC program’s storied past.

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Bringing the Story of the Northwestern MSC Program Story to Life

The study of communication didn’t happen overnight. Explore the history of the MSC, view the earliest program proposal from 1983, and learn about the MSC program’s founders.

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The MSC Digital Archives are a living, breathing record of the Northwestern program. Share a story with our historians to continue the legacy.

The Year is 1984

Meet MSC Co-Founder Paul Arntson, PhD

In 1974, Professor Arntson joined Northwestern’s Communication Studies Department, where he served as the chair for six years. He is the founder of the Undergraduate Leadership Program at Northwestern University and co-founder of the MSC Program.

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Discover student and alumni stories to learn about the transformative power of the Northwestern MSC Program.

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