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Personalized attention to meet you where you are.

Career Services

The MSC program has a dedicated staff to helping you advance in your career.

Searching for a full-time job can feel like a full-time job! The MSC program is committed to helping you turn the skills you develop in class into real-world results in your career.  As one of the first Master of Science in Communication programs to provide dedicated, full-time career services to our students, we are proud of the opportunity to play a role in your career development.

“Having a masters degree from Northwestern is what others notice. What I have noticed is that the MSC program benchmarks well to organizational development and has helped me better navigate my career.”

– Jill Koons, Class of 2000


One-on-One Coaching

Our career coach works exclusively with MSC students to help you realize your potential and show your unique value to employers. Whether you are looking to advance within your current organization, change industries, or pursue entrepreneurial aspirations, our career services will help you create and execute a personalized plan.

Tailored to fit your specific and personal goals, our career coaching puts you in the driver seat with the full resources and experiences of Northwestern University at your side.  Whether it be helping to identify potential companies, polishing a resume, preparing for an interview, or simply sharing words of encouragement, having an experienced partner in your career search is an invaluable resource.


Career Events Available to Students

Alumni Roundtable Saturdays

Talk with alumni from the MSC program and gain insights into their professions and career paths after graduating from Northwestern’s MSC program.  These quarterly one-hour, casual conversations will take place during your Saturday lunch break and allow for one-on-one networking.


Career Development Online Seminars

The MSC Career Development Online Seminars will feature one-hour webinars each quarter designed to help you discover your strengths and values, while also offering a platform for you to excel in your professional development.  The goal of each seminar is to guide you through your professional life. Because professional development is a life-long process, these seminars will offer an opportunity to grow professionally.


Career Connections Series

Career Connections workshops are designed to help you get the most out of your career and identify your strengths and passions. The series will help you translate the MSC curriculum and learning outcomes into tangible improvements in your work life. We feature webinars with MSC alumni from a variety of backgrounds highlighting their work and MSC’s impact on their professional careers.

This series of webinars will feature MSC alumni from a variety of career backgrounds discussing their work and the industry.  Whether you are interested in consulting, finance or marketing (to name a few!), these 60 minute webinars are designed to give you an overview of a specific industry and a deeper understanding of the skills needed to be successful.


EPICS 101 Lunches

Our EPICS 101 series is a quarterly workshop that covers a variety of job search topics: resume/cover letter, interviewing, job searching in the digital age, and many more! The 101 series is perfect for every MSC student, regardless of where they find themselves on the job search spectrum.  The EPICS 101 lunch series will cover everything experienced professionals need to know in today’s competitive job landscape.


EPICS/ MSC AA Professional Development

EPICS and MSC AA Professional Development online seminars will take place quarterly and are designed to help you discover your strengths, values and offer a platform to excel in your professional development. The goal of each seminar is to guide you through your professional life.


Additional Resources Available to Students

Job Boards

In addition to gaining access to the vast network of jobs available to Northwestern University students and alumni through CareerCat, you will also be able to use SOConnect, a career management system focused specifically on jobs in the communication industry. These jobs are carefully curated by the EPICS office (External Programs, Internships, and Career Services) to make sure they are up to date and tailored to fit you.

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