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Money Talks

Can money buy you happiness? It can buy things that make you happy such as a new car, a vacation, or that snazzy leather jacket you’ve been looking at for the past few months. So yes, money can indirectly buy you happiness – the real question is for how long? The new car gets a

What Culture is Your Organization?

One of the more fascinating theories Dr. Roloff introduced last week was Attraction-Selection-Attrition (ASA) Theory. The theory conveys that one applies for a job because they think they fit the organization’s culture, they are hired because the bosses feel the applicant fits the organization’s culture, and the applicant stays or leaves the organization based on

When Negotiation is Fun

I love negotiation. I love negotiating. I wish I could do it more often. I receive the same exhilaration from it that I do from playing a competitive sport – without the risk of physical injury I might add. After another insightful lecture in my Change Management course, I was ready to apply my new

Keeping Work and Leisure Separate

As I was sitting in my apartment trying to write my 1st Paper for the Change Management Course, I kept getting distracted. Whether it was the television and the various sporting events going on, seeing the book I’ve been reading in my free time, or the dirty dishes I needed to clean, just writing each

MSC 2015 Spring Happy Hour & Farewell to Director Staci H. Zake

On June 6, 2015 the MSC program celebrated the eight years of leadership of outgoing Director Staci H. Zake. Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Current and Incoming Students gathered at LYFE Kitchen in downtown Evanston in fellowship and to bid Staci farewell. A program honoring Staci included remarks from: Dr. Dilip Gaonkar, School of Communication Faculty Member

2015 Alumni Panel | Leveraging Your MSC Degree

On February 7, 2015 a panel of MSC alumni spoke to current students during a lunchtime presentation about how to best leverage the MSC degree. Panelists included: Penelope Johnson, MSC 2013 (moderator);  (L-R at table) Toby Cortelyou, MSC 2012; Aspasia Apostokis Miller, MSC 1994; Mary Kelley, MSC 2011; Jason S. Kenne, MSC 2012; and Brandon


As I gear up for the holidays and reflect on my MSC experience thus far, I have to say I am thankful. The past three months in the MSC program have been amazing – from the practical lessons learned in my courses,  to the friendships created with my co-hort members,  down to the beautiful drive in from

Time is ticking for the fall quarter…

As midterms swiftly pass and the quarter continues to speed by, the MSC Class of 2015 works diligently to have a successful end to their first quarter. Change Management with Professor Michael Roloff is providing the students with an adequate amount of information to get their minds thinking one step ahead of the game! Professor Roloff provides