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A Conversation with Northwestern MSC Alumni Ashley Polk

Ashley Polk currently works for Northwestern Memorial Hospital in the corporate building and supply chain as a purchasing agent in charge of cardiology and radiology. She entered the program in January of 2017, five years after completing her undergraduate degree in communications from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Why did you choose to attend

Learning Themes: What Does Communication Mean To Us?

Any master’s degree program should be able to explain in not-so-many words how it’s curriculum is designed. We can explain our curriculum in two words “Learning Themes”. Our curriculum is anchored by three learning themes – Managing Complexity, Collaborative Leadership and Elegant Communication.  The Master of Science in Communication program curriculum is deliberate and unique. We

A Conversation with Northwestern MSC Student, Gretchen Baker

Gretchen Baker is an Executive Development Advisor for Executive Education for the  Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She advises professionals who are interested in attending executive education programs on marketing, sales, and leadership that can support their career development. She is also responsible for marketing the programs and driving enrollment. Gretchen values building diverse cohorts and believes in

A Conversation with Northwestern MSC Alumnus Brandon Oelling

Brandon is the founder and CEO of He previously spent 6 years at in the sales and technology industry where he played a pivotal role in helping customers adopt and implement cloud technologies like and G Suite by Google Cloud. Brandon is currently on the Northwestern MSC alumni executive board and assists

A Conversation with Northwestern MSC Alumna, Adriana Leyva

Adriana currently works as a consultant at Ernst & Young in Chicago, consulting with organizations in the financial sector. In addition to working in change management services, she works within people advisory services, specializing in human beings. As a consultant, she enjoys the collaborative environment of bouncing ideas off each other in a team. At

How Professionals Earn a Master’s in Communication While Employed

While a new cohort of master’s students starts at the MS in Communication program each year, invariably the incoming professionals tell us the same reasons they decided now was the time to go back to school; they are looking for advancement in their careers, more responsibility at work, or a way to transition to a

How do I find a Communication Masters that fits my schedule?

Whether it’s finding a new role or negotiating a raise, earning a master’s degree in communication can lead to new opportunities for professionals in the workplace. In a world where people are busier than ever, it’s more important for those interested in a master’s degree in communication to find a flexible program that allows them

How many Classes do I need to earn a Masters in Communication?

Completing the Northwestern MSC degree can be viewed a few different ways.  The communication masters curriculum requirements indicate you must complete nine (9) credits. Each credit is one course.  The masters in communication length is designed to be completed in one (1) academic year – from September to August.  The MS Communication hours depend on