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Category: Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight: A Conversation with MSC Professor Alexis Lauricella

Alexis Lauricella’s research examines the impact of media technology on children and adolescents with a focus on the educational potential of media experiences. She has conducted survey research that studies parents’ and teachers’ attitudes towards young children’s media use and she is currently studying the effects of food marketing on children under the age of

Faculty Spotlight: A Conversation with Northwestern MSC Professor Irv Rein

Irving Rein earned his PhD from the University of Pittsburgh and is currently a Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University. His primary research and teaching interests are popular culture, crisis management, and place marketing. He is also the author of many books on effective communication strategies, and currently researching the distribution and content changes

Faculty Spotlight: A Conversation with Northwestern MSC Professor Michael Roloff

Michael Roloff received his Ph.D. in Communication from Michigan State University. He joined the faculty at Northwestern in 1978.Michael Roloff’s research and teaching interests center around interpersonal influence. He has published articles and offers courses focused on persuasion, interpersonal compliance-gaining, conflict management, organizational change, and bargaining and negotiation. His current research is focused on conflict