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The Future: Selling Less of More

Chris Anderson in his novel, The Long Tail, discusses where the future of business is headed. Stores are moving away from selling a lot of one specific product to selling small amounts of a lot of items. How does it work though? There are a couple rules to follow to help you understand how it works.

Retail Shopping

We all shop, whether we go to the store or shop online. However, where you decide to shop effects other stores surrounding you. Some stores are using a great strategy to get your business, which seems to be working. Let me explain. As a whole, we realize that big stores like Wal-Mart can be seen

Express Your Own Voice

Here we are, finishing our first quarter of the MSC program. The amount I have learned the past 10 weeks is unimaginable. Learning about changes within a company, how to make the changes work, what doesn’t work and the different kinds of personalities within an organization will help us all in our real world professions.

The Beginning

Here we are, in the middle of our first MSC quarter where the weeks seem to be flying by. We all are adjusting our lives to fit the new course load, the Saturday classes and balancing school with work. As someone who commutes from an hour south of campus, I thought the drive to class

The Ice Rink is OPEN!

I recently read an article in The Daily Northwestern indicating the general student consensus on Winter Quarter is that it is something to “get through.” The author of the article had additional thoughts, and I concur. It’s so easy and predictable to love warm, sunny weather. But in Chicago, we usually just grow a winter

2015 Alumni Panel | Leveraging Your MSC Degree

On February 7, 2015 a panel of MSC alumni spoke to current students during a lunchtime presentation about how to best leverage the MSC degree. Panelists included: Penelope Johnson, MSC 2013 (moderator);  (L-R at table) Toby Cortelyou, MSC 2012; Aspasia Apostokis Miller, MSC 1994; Mary Kelley, MSC 2011; Jason S. Kenne, MSC 2012; and Brandon

It’s A Wrap!

The Fall quarter has wrapped up and I have to say that the first leg on the MSC trek has been quite enjoyable and positively life changing!  After convening every Saturday at the Searle building, it was a refreshing change of pace to spend last week together off campus during our MSC Practicum Intersession.  Many


As I gear up for the holidays and reflect on my MSC experience thus far, I have to say I am thankful. The past three months in the MSC program have been amazing – from the practical lessons learned in my courses,  to the friendships created with my co-hort members,  down to the beautiful drive in from

MSC Program Can Help Me Prepare A Career in Sports Media

Getting accepted into the School of Communication graduate program at Northwestern University, widely regarded as one of the top universities in America, was the proudest moment of my life. I recalled that during the graduate application process, two MSC alumnus who are currently working in the news and media organization told me how astonishing MSC

Celebrating 30 Years of MSC

More than a hundred alumni and faculty filled historic Annie May Swift Hall on Saturday, October 11, 2014 with the energy and enthusiasm characteristic of the MSC community. Attendees of the MSC 30th Anniversary Symposium began the day with a wave of smiles, friendly greetings, and conversations with faculty and old classmates. The symposium’s packed