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Why We Watch What We Watch

Have you ever thought about why you pick television shows and movies to watch? What draws you to that specific genre? Discussed in Understanding Media Markets and Users class, we realized that sometimes people pick what to watch based on what they know they don’t want to see. Let me explain. If you are scrolling

Strategy – Is the NFL Too Big to Fail?

It was a great first day of class in the Winter Quarter. The weather was unseasonably warm in Evanston for early January and everyone in the program came back from the Break refreshed and ready to learn. I am taking the Communication Strategy and Competition course which looks at how and why firms make decisions.

Reflection of the Practicums

Now that the semester has finished and I have a few days off of work for the holidays, I am taking some time to review my notes from the Change Management Course and the Practicums I attended. Even though it was not required to take notes at the Practicum, I found all the instructors so

MSC’s Jason DeSanto weighs in on the 5th GOP Debate

Many current students just experienced a day-long seminar on the Dilemma’s in the Law of Free Expression with MSC’s Jason DeSanto. The day is always so engaging that the pleas and promises begin in hopes of being one of the lucky twenty-four to enroll in his MSC summer course Public Persuasion; thankfully for the staff, enrollment is automated through

What’s with the “s” ?

By Michelle Shumate I’ve been a faculty member in departments of communication and communication studies for over a decade, and I cringe a little bit every time a student tells me that they are getting a degree in communications or calls me a communications expert. At first blush, I realize this looks like a grammar

MSC Beneficial for the Future

We are quickly approaching the registration for our second quarter… hard to believe, right? As fast as this first quarter is flying by, I cannot imagine how fast graduation will approach. After this first quarter is completed, I think we will all be able to agree that this program will be the best thing to

What Culture is Your Organization?

One of the more fascinating theories Dr. Roloff introduced last week was Attraction-Selection-Attrition (ASA) Theory. The theory conveys that one applies for a job because they think they fit the organization’s culture, they are hired because the bosses feel the applicant fits the organization’s culture, and the applicant stays or leaves the organization based on

Breaking Ground for New Complex: Innovation

Innovation: an idea or practice perceived as new by an individual. This is what we are discussing in Change Management. Do we think that innovation is good or bad? The truth is, innovation can go both ways. Whether or not innovation works is based on the organization and the type of people in said organization.

Life of a Chicago Cubs Broadcaster

One of the great benefits of being in the MSC Program is that you are part of the School of Communication. As a result, you have access to attend private events with prominent professionals in their fields. Recently, I just attended an event where Len Kasper, the Play-by-Play Broadcaster of the Chicago Cubs spoke about

When Negotiation is Fun

I love negotiation. I love negotiating. I wish I could do it more often. I receive the same exhilaration from it that I do from playing a competitive sport – without the risk of physical injury I might add. After another insightful lecture in my Change Management course, I was ready to apply my new