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Anne Marie Adams

Anne Marie Adams is the Associate Director of Academic Affairs for the MSC program and Adjunct Faculty for the program, where she is the Custom Leadership Program Capstone Instructor. Anne Marie is an experienced higher education and student affairs administrator. She oversees the execution of all academic programming and advising, and provides leadership in the development and implementation of all program policies and procedures. Under the banner of student services, she guides students to success by fostering an open and inclusive environment, while serving as an advocate to ensure successful matriculation of their post-graduate university experience.

Adams’ research interests include how women make meaning of their lived experiences at the intersection of their religious and spiritual identity construction, more specifically, the development of leadership and notions of womanhood, with an emphasis on issues of equity, access, and voice. Adams’ current research examines in-depth the history of Greek Orthodox women with attention to the cultural and institutional contexts within the church and church ministries.

Adams holds a B.A from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a MSC from Northwestern University, and a PhD in Curriculum Studies from DePaul University.


MSC CLP Capstone Instructor
The culminating assessment of the MSC degree is a capstone project. The MSC Capstone integrates all of the coursework and practical experiences of the program and is designed to help students develop the ability to. Monitor their own comprehension and to make their thinking processes explicit to external audiences. Students will effectively use a multiple of media to demonstrate that they have achieved all of the learning out comes of the program through a personally customized three-part project that extends the entire duration of the program.

Perspectives on Human Communication
This introductory course surveys interpersonal, small-group and organizational communication theories, bringing students up-to-date on recent theories that will be useful in subsequent courses as well as in professional situations. Students develop the ability to read and analyze communication research and to apply it to their own organization situations.