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Michelle Villagomez

Michelle Villagomez is the Associate Director of Marketing & Enrollment Management at the School of Communication. She leads strategic marketing and enrollment initiatives for the MSC program. At Northwestern, she has led countless strategic initiatives for over 30 programs at the university and has provided leadership across multiple schools. Prior to Higher Education, Michelle has worked at an advertising agency, a financial tech startup, and a major events management group.

Her experience includes marketing strategy, business operations, digital media, brand development, event planning, communication planning, operations management and client relationship management. She has also worked with several brands and companies in retail, beauty, finance, and insurance.

Michelle believes:

  • Technology is at a unique point in history where it is converging with the human experience and producing meaningful data
  • Complex problems and sustainable results can be achieved through partnerships and empathetic leadership
  • We are all united by a common thread

Michelle recently graduated with a Master of Arts in Public Policy & Administration from Northwestern University in 2021.