Student Demographics

The diversity within the cohort is an integral part of the student experience.
With classmates representing numerous cultural, professional, and academic backgrounds, students leverage each others’ experience to further enhance the program.

Industry Representation

One of the most exciting aspects of joining a Northwestern Master of Science in Communication cohort is the opportunity to learn alongside leaders from broad and diverse backgrounds. You will not only grow your network across industries but also learn from the experiences brought by your classmates. Below is a list of some of the the industries represented in the MSC program in recent years. It is by no means an exhaustive list. 

Job Function

Our curriculum is designed to not only apply across industries but also job functions. Communication is a universal skill that can be applied to any job. You’ll be able to take the lessons learned in the program and apply them directly to your career, wherever you want it to go. 


It’s never too late to go back to school, and never too early to plan for the rest of your career. One of the exciting aspects of the Master of Science in Communication program is that your cohort will be a cross-generational group of emerging and experienced leaders that are willing and able to  learn from each other.


Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is also an important part of the makeup of an MSC cohort. Communicating across cultures is a skill best developed by practice. The MSC program attracts students from numerous cultural backgrounds all over the United States and welcomes approximately 15% of it’s class from countries outside of the U.S each year. This type of diversity brings a unique global perspective and allows your network to reach into new locations.

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