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Practicum Week Continued

Thursday and Friday of practicums were really interesting and intellectual, in my opinion. Thursday’s session was on dilemmas in the law of free expression, where we discussed and broke down the first amendment. We talked about controversial issues like whether or not the burning of the American flag should be protected. All in all, the

Practicum Week

Practicum week. When you hear this you think about 5 long days filled with PowerPoint slides and lectures. While this is true, it is way more than that. We are required to attend four of five practicum sessions, which originally seemed like a lot but in reality, it was worth the trip. I started on

Express Your Own Voice

Here we are, finishing our first quarter of the MSC program. The amount I have learned the past 10 weeks is unimaginable. Learning about changes within a company, how to make the changes work, what doesn’t work and the different kinds of personalities within an organization will help us all in our real world professions.

Picking an Elective

Six weeks completed, three weeks to go. We had no idea what to expect, but for me, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Starting my Master’s program, I did not know what was all entailed but after the first six weeks of class; it is totally manageable. I

The Beginning

Here we are, in the middle of our first MSC quarter where the weeks seem to be flying by. We all are adjusting our lives to fit the new course load, the Saturday classes and balancing school with work. As someone who commutes from an hour south of campus, I thought the drive to class

As the Sun Sets Over Us

I’ve been yawning a lot in class lately. One might assume this is because I am in the throes of the infamous MSC summer session—10 weeks of material executed in 6 weeks, and as many papers due in that time. This quarter has lived up to everything I heard about it, and in many ways

Alumni News: Craig Pugh, MSC ’90, named Agency President of Public Communications Inc.

Public Communications Inc. Names Craig Pugh Agency President Appointment adds marketing, management capacity to support agency’s continued growth nationally CHICAGO – April 22, 2015 – Public Communications Inc. (PCI) announced today that Craig Pugh of Tampa, Fla., will join the national integrated communications firm on June 1 as president. He also joins the ownership team

New Student Tip #2

Tip #2: You don’t need to buy a computer. Unless you want to. (In which case, definitely utilize your educational discount!) However, having a computer with you at all times is not necessary. Many students take notes on paper, often utilizing the PowerPoint slides provided by instructors in advance. Other students make use of tablets

New Student Tip #1

Tip #1: identify a few speed reading strategies, and start practicing them. Shown here: coursepacks for just three courses. Not pictured: the myriad documents I read electronically on my iPad. As Professor Rick Morris said, “Graduate students need to be efficient.” Reading every word of the assigned articles and case studies in this program would be


Ah, winter quarter. I think I speak for many in the cohort when I say this round the volume has been turned up, so to speak. As the MSC balloon in all our lives grew more inflated, it squeezed the other parts of our identities. Like children with faces pressed tightly up against a window