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Winter Term Begins!

Winter term began this past Saturday, January 11th. It was so great to see everyone again, after a three week break. I really missed my classmates! After a quick chit-chat, it was back into the classroom for our morning course. This term, our core course is called Strategy in the Global Economy, taught by Dr. Dilip Gaonkar. What an awesome class to start off with.  We watched a video that really depicts the intricacies of our globalized world. The video is called “Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt”, by NPR.  I thought to share it here, so all of you would have an opportunity to understand this perspective and really think about how tiny we are as individuals and how huge the potential is for what can be accomplished when individuals, communities, and countries work together. It is unbelievable, how far we have come — from donkeys as transportation and clay tablets as the early means of communication, to air transport/massive shipping industry, and Internet as our current form of communication. Wow! We have only been back in class for one day and I am already eager and excited to see what’s in store for next week.  We are a brilliant species!  Cheers to an exciting, thought-provoking term.