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Jori Griffith

Northwestern University’s 156th Annual Commencement

On June 20th, about 15 MSC to-be graduates participated in Northwestern University’s 156th Annual Commencement.  We all met at Francis Searle, helped one another figure out how to wear our ‘hoods’, took photos, met family members, and then hopped on the shuttle bus to Ryan Field. Upon arriving at the field, we became part of the

Another Term Comes to a Close

As another term comes to a close, graduation day becomes more and more of a reality.  In just 8 weeks, each member of the MSC class of 2014 will receive his/her diploma.  A diploma is printed on a piece of paper but that piece of paper does not embody what MSC at Northwestern truly means.  The

Connecting the Dots

What’s really cool about MSC is the way in which material from professors and guest speakers alike always seems to fit together; everything is related and relevant, it seems. This was particularly true this past Saturday. The second half of this term in our core course, Strategy in the Global Economy, is focused on the

Week 5 Has Come and Gone Again

We are already halfway through winter term! When did that happen?  Time sure is flying by! In the crazy midst of our midterm assignments due this week and next (good luck, everyone!), our cohort had a lovely opportunity to again be reminded why the MSC program is so wonderful.  During a relaxing, casual breakout session


A wonderful benefit of participating in the MSC program is the stimulating, exciting and enlightening discussions had between classmates. My elective class this term, Hot Topics in Marketing Strategy, taught by Dr. Richard Kolsky, promotes this constant exchange of ideas in class but also online through our weekly discussion board. Over the course of week

Winter Term Begins!

Winter term began this past Saturday, January 11th. It was so great to see everyone again, after a three week break. I really missed my classmates! After a quick chit-chat, it was back into the classroom for our morning course. This term, our core course is called Strategy in the Global Economy, taught by Dr.


Happy New Year, everyone! 2014 is here — the year we earn our MSC degrees! Before we know it, August will be here and we will be receiving our diplomas! This is such a pleasant, happy thought to think about, especially because we are currently facing well below zero temperatures, and I can guarantee that