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Around The World In A Day

What do you get when you put the MSC Class of 2015 in the same place at the same time? A global learning experience unlike no other. On September 11, the MSC Class of 2015 took the first steps of a year long journey toward completion of the MSC program and getting to know our cohort from so many different walks of lives.

As I sat and listened to my cohort go around the room and introduce themselves, I felt like I was at an United Nations meeting. There were so many countries, cultures, and people of extraordinary character within my cohort. I was in awe of the diverse backgrounds represented in the room; from an  Olympian, to educators, mothers, and professionals in corporate America. As the last introduction came to a close, I felt proud, honored, and privileged to have been admitted to this program and be apart of the Class of 2015.

Throughout the rest of the day, I got the opportunity to travel the globe through conversations with my cohort, gaining knowledge about them,  where they were from, and what attracted them to Northwestern. I discovered my cohorts represents continents like Africa, Asia, Europe, and a large part of the United States. When I departed at the end of the day, I knew that during the next year of the MSC program, I would not only be on a quest of becoming a better communicator, but also fostering international friendships that would last a lifetime. I am looking forward to the rest of what the MSC program and Class of 2015 has to offer.