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The Hazards of Agreement

Was it strategy or serendipity that placed Collaborative Leadership as our first required class in the MSC program? I haven’t sought out a formal answer, but it certainly feels strategic, because a large part of this course is randomly-assigned team activities, meaning we have an embedded opportunity every Saturday to get to know new people in

My First Week Of Grad School

As I look back on my first Saturday in the MSC program, I have a few takeaways. The day goes by quickly. I heard that at orientation. I didn’t believe them. Just as the MSC program is accelerated, I got to figure out people’s personalities and know their names…QUICKLY. The Leading Collaboration core class has

Building Blocks of the Elevator Pitch

Welcome to orientation! Faculty director and Associate Professor, Michelle Shumate, PhD led the first workshop about the Elevator Pitch. Pre-orientation, we were asked to prepare and memorize a 30 second Elevator Introduction. The content is a short, clear, and impressive snippet of what you would say to a leader in a company you currently work

Personal Citizenship

One of the assignments we had in our Corporate Citizenship class was to write about our own citizenship. This could have been for an organization we belong to, our national citizenship or another form of citizenship we have. Our professor gave us permission to write about our citizenship in any context which was certainly advantageous.

Summer School – Here We Go!

Normally, one doesn’t think of “Summer School” in a favorable view. Growing up, I dreaded the idea of going to school or doing homework in June, July and August. However, now that I am working full-time for a few years, I’ve grown accustomed to working the summer months. In fact, I’m actually looking forward to

Productivity Paradox

In last Saturday morning’s lecture, our professor introduced the Productivity Paradox to us. Since the 1960s, productivity gains have not been correlated with investment in IT. As we have been introducing more and more technology into the workplace, we did so expecting that we could produce more output in our jobs. However, our levels of


Saturday has become my favorite day of the week. You may think, “Class from 9:30am – 5:00pm, every single Saturday” and cringe – but you shouldn’t. Don’t feel bad for my classmates or me, because… Saturdays are our days without stress from work Saturdays are our days without readings, homework, papers, projects – and all

Can a Company Own a Specific Color?

Trademarking, branding and color copyright. This was a topic brought up today in the Visual Communication class that got everyone thinking. Can a company trademark a color? The initial answer we settled on was no, but after further discussion, we believe the answer is yes, under certain circumstances. We know that companies can trademark fonts

Is Networking Manipulative?

As we progress in our readings and discussion of Networks, a common concern continues to arise. Is Networking manipulative? Why do people want to form relationships with one another? Are selfish motives the primary reason why someone pursues a relationship with another individual? Reciprocity is a reason why we form relationships with one another. We

Design. Design. Design. It’s Everywhere!

Have you ever thought about design? And how and what is designed that you see in your everyday routine? Take a moment and think about it right now. You wake up in the morning, most people to their phone alarms on an iPhone: design. Then, you get out of bed and go to the bathroom