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Professional Growth and Maturity

I am truly starting to see changes in myself since I joined the MSC Program. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to meet with my boss and ask her some questions I had formulated while sitting in class. I was curious how and why our business processes worked the way they did. I wanted to know more about our strategy to market our department better. I wanted to learn how funding worked in our organization and if there were areas we could improve our operations.

Although I cannot go into the specifics, my boss was thrilled that I was asking these questions. It shows that I am becoming more invested in my organization. She provided me with excellent answers that gave me a better understanding of how our organization operates and the impact our department has within the organization.

Unfortunately, our meeting was cut short by another previously scheduled meeting, so I did not have all my questions answered. However, the answers I did receive were very enlightening and helpful. They even prompted new questions that I will be asking my boss next time.

I know my classmates are evaluating their job positions and organizations with the new-found knowledge they are gathering as well. When Graduation Day arrives in August, we can reflect on the maturity growth we experienced over the last year and celebrate all that we have accomplished and will accomplish in the years to come.