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Peter Sandstedt

Cold Call

Recently, I found another hidden gem being a student in the MSC Program! I was writing a paper for my Corporate Citizenship course about Chick-fil-A’s response to the Terrorist Shooting in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. After reading many articles, I was still pondering some questions that were unanswered in the research I had conducted.

Personal Citizenship

One of the assignments we had in our Corporate Citizenship class was to write about our own citizenship. This could have been for an organization we belong to, our national citizenship or another form of citizenship we have. Our professor gave us permission to write about our citizenship in any context which was certainly advantageous.

Introduction to Corporations

I am currently enrolled in the Corporate Citizenship course and am absolutely loving it. Yesterday, we received an introduction and overview of what a corporation is. For someone who has only worked for Non-Profit Organizations, this was a fascinating lesson. I felt like Lewis and Clark exploring the Louisiana Purchase. (I always knew the land

Summer School – Here We Go!

Normally, one doesn’t think of “Summer School” in a favorable view. Growing up, I dreaded the idea of going to school or doing homework in June, July and August. However, now that I am working full-time for a few years, I’ve grown accustomed to working the summer months. In fact, I’m actually looking forward to

The Reciprocity Ring

In our final class of the quarter, we performed one of the most entertaining and enlightening activities that I’ve ever been a part of. It’s called the Reciprocity Ring and it’s a way for people to use their networks to assist others in accomplishing a goal or request that would be difficult or impossible for

Productivity Paradox

In last Saturday morning’s lecture, our professor introduced the Productivity Paradox to us. Since the 1960s, productivity gains have not been correlated with investment in IT. As we have been introducing more and more technology into the workplace, we did so expecting that we could produce more output in our jobs. However, our levels of

Is Networking Manipulative?

As we progress in our readings and discussion of Networks, a common concern continues to arise. Is Networking manipulative? Why do people want to form relationships with one another? Are selfish motives the primary reason why someone pursues a relationship with another individual? Reciprocity is a reason why we form relationships with one another. We

A Network Decision

Since I moved to Evanston in September, my social network has greatly changed. I’ve lost contact with many of my old friends, but have been adding new ones through work, school, and church. I love hanging out with all my new friends and strengthening our relationships with one another. However, I recently had an old

Nashville Networking

I had a great and relaxing Spring Break from classes. On our first weekend off, my friend and I took a road trip to Nashville to see the sights and experience the southern, country culture. We visited a number of attractions including the Country Music Hall of Fame (CMHOF). While at the CMHOF, there was

Dinner with 12 Event

Dinner with 12 Event One of the tremendous benefits that Northwestern provides is the ability to connect with Alumni. Over the weekend, I traveled to Chinatown with six other students to visit a Kellogg Graduate and learn about his corporate/international business ventures. The Northwestern Alumni Association organizes these dinners once a quarter to provide an