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Design. Design. Design. It’s Everywhere!

Have you ever thought about design? And how and what is designed that you see in your everyday routine?

Take a moment and think about it right now.

You wake up in the morning, most people to their phone alarms on an iPhone: design. Then, you get out of bed and go to the bathroom to brush your teeth with toothpaste, which has a distinct logo: designed by someone. The Tropicana orange juice you drink with your breakfast has a package and logo design in order to be effective, or ineffective, when it comes to sales.

All the billboards you see on the expressway on your way to work are design, the brand of car you drive requires design, the couch you sit on while you watch your television after a long day of work: ALL DESIGN. See my point?

Designers play a huge role in society, since every little thing that surrounds us on a daily basis took some work to make and design well. However, there are always fails when it comes to design; fails that I find funny and want to share with you.

Below are some major design fails that no one caught, so they were produced and released to the public. Sitting back and thinking about if your design will be effective, if it will be displayed properly, and if it looks visually appealing are all important before sending it out for production. How some of these got passed along without being caught amazes me, but I hope you enjoy them!

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