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Jennifer Lindner

A holiday blog

It’s been an action-packed three months, to say the least. I’ve started and completed a quarter of my MSC degree at Northwestern. In that same period of time, my company has moved offices (just two floors, but it’s a thing!). My yoga practice has suffered. Winter wasn’t coming and then it arrived without ringing the

MSC Elective: Foundations of Strategic Communication Management

“Strategic communication.” Eight weeks ago, my mental picture of this concept was some amusing hybrid of Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush impersonation (“strate…gery”) and that Seinfeld episode where George Costanza is forced by his boss to back up his mastery of “risk management” (and so turns to a book on tape for help). I’ve learned

The Hazards of Agreement

Was it strategy or serendipity that placed Collaborative Leadership as our first required class in the MSC program? I haven’t sought out a formal answer, but it certainly feels strategic, because a large part of this course is randomly-assigned team activities, meaning we have an embedded opportunity every Saturday to get to know new people in