So, What Is It Like?

I think it would be fitting to apply what I’ve learned in class to my initial blog post. In Change Management, we learned about elements of persuasion. As it turns out, one element of persuasion is physical attractiveness. It works like this, if you perceive someone as attractive, you are more likely to consider that person as a knowledgeable and trustworthy individual (they call this the “Halo Effect”). Using that logic, I need you to take a moment and imagine the most attractive person you know. Did you do it? Great. Now, imagine that I’m that person. Without hesitation, I can say that the first half of the Fall Term has been incredible. The cohort is great; so many fun and engaging personalities. The class content is accessible and applicable without sacrificing academic rigor. In particular, I appreciate the interdisciplinary approach each course takes. It doesn’t seem to matter what line of work you’re in (and we do have a diversity of professionals in the cohort), the theories and content can be intuitively applied. I sometimes feel that my coworkers are getting a Northwestern education because of I bring up so much of what we talk about in class. In conversations with classmates, I am not unique in this regard. In short, it’s been great. If you don’t believe what I’ve said above, remember, I’m very attractive.

MSC Program Can Help Me Prepare A Career in Sports Media

Jamaal D Brown
Getting accepted into the School of Communication graduate program at Northwestern University, widely regarded as one of the top universities in America, was the proudest moment of my life. I recalled that during the graduate application process, two MSC alumnus who are currently working in the news and media organization told me how astonishing MSC program is.

After researching several programs from different universities, I felt very confident and induced that MSC program is the right one for me and for my future career goal. Now here I am! My background and internship experience in sports communication really aids me to discern the significance of my learning, skills, knowledge, and interests to my future career. Since I pursue a career in sports communication and media, MSC program can help me learn the significance of utilizing communication strategy to advertise news and stories to the global consumers through digital platforms. I am certainly looking forward to engaging with students and learning various communication strategies from professors here at Northwestern University.

Time is ticking for the fall quarter…

As midterms swiftly pass and the quarter continues to speed by, the MSC Class of 2015 works diligently to have a successful end to their first quarter. Change Management with Professor Michael Roloff is providing the students with an adequate amount of information to get their minds thinking one step ahead of the game! Professor Roloff provides real world examples while he instills the valuable concepts of change management to the class. Iesha Mitchell, a current MSC student stated, “I thoroughly enjoy the Change Management course because the topics are relevant to everyone in the class.” Being able to relate to the students is very important to continuously grasp their attention. This is a successful strategy that Professor Roloff utilizes! An informative think and apply paper was recently due for their midterm, and the students are thrilled to have completed such a huge assignment in a Masters program at Northwestern University! As the end of the quarter approaches the MSC Class of 2015 buckles down even harder because they are fully aware that time is ticking and every second counts towards success!

How Will We Spend This Year?

The MSC class of 2015 is nearly two months into the program – I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s hard for me to believe! I spent months anticipating the start of classes, getting excited to meet the cohort, and becoming apprehensive about fitting the course load into my schedule. But since class began, it has been amazing to me how easy it has been to engage with the subject matter (and amazing how quickly I remember the feeling of relief after turning in a midterm). What’s even harder to wrap my head around than the fact that I’m a student again is how fast I know this year is going to fly by. As I watched the Chicago Marathon runners make their way past my apartment last month, it struck me that I can approach this year in one of two ways: as a marathon or as a sprint. In ways, it will feel like both. We will all need to pace ourselves so that we don’t experience “worker burn out” (Thanks for the term, Roloff), and in other ways we’re going to need to fully throw ourselves into our classes so that we can squeeze as much out of them in this short time as possible. Marathon I think we have a choice here, though. Will we look back on our time in the MSC program as a well-paced, long jog to the finish, or will it be a flash-in-the-pan, all-out sprint? I’m going to work with every fiber of my being to choose the former. Just from sitting with you all in class, chatting at lunch, and emailing about assignments, I’m quickly realizing how quickly this year will go and I want to not only enjoy it but to actually remember it! So I’ll see you all on Saturday with my coffee mug full and my typing fingers at the ready – and maybe later on with a beer in hand at happy hour! (After all, we’ve got to have some fun alongside all of that brilliant thinking, right?)

Celebrating 30 Years of MSC

More than a hundred alumni and faculty filled historic Annie May Swift Hall on Saturday, October 11, 2014 with the energy and enthusiasm characteristic of the MSC community. Attendees of the MSC 30th Anniversary Symposium began the day with a wave of smiles, friendly greetings, and conversations with faculty and old classmates. The symposium’s packed agenda provided alumni with interesting and innovative ideas to advance their thinking and help them excel through current challenges and opportunities. Alumni made new connections and gained fresh perspectives on communication principles and practices through this highly successful event. Anniversary Symposium Thank you to everyone who participated in MSC’s 30th Anniversary Symposium!

MSC 30th Anniversary Symposium

The 2014-2015 academic year marks the Master of Science in Communication program’s 30th anniversary. In honor of this milestone, the program is hosting a symposium of academic engagement, exploration of emerging ideas and networking for alumni on Saturday, October 11, 2014. The symposium will feature faculty and alumni sharing innovative practices and inspiring stories. Attendees will hear from industry leaders, participate in interactive sessions, and learn about leading ideas in communication. This full-day event will culminate in a cocktail reception for alumni, faculty, and current students. The symposium is open to all MSC alumni and there is no cost to attend. Click on the link below to register. For questions about the symposium or registration, contact Tova Vance, MSC class of 2010, at or 773-510-6307.

MSC Professor Irving Rein’s New Book is Now Available

MSC Professor Irving Rein, together with Ben Shields and Adam Grossman, has recently published a new book titled: The Sports Strategist: Developing Leaders for a High-Performance Industry. This book blends authors’ extensive industry experience and academic expertise to provide a comprehensive view of leadership strategies that will position readers and their organization for sustainable success in the industry. The Sports Strategist features numerous case studies that help to frame pressing issues within the sports industry and also identifies best practices from other industries and applies them to the sports world.    

Journey To The Final Stretch

It’s crazy to think that entire program has come and (almost) gone. It seemed like only yesterday that I was making the final preparations to move to Illinois and start this program. And now? We’re at the halfway mark of our the final quarter. Only 3 more weeks of class before we walk across the stage and become official Masters of Communication. imageThere have been moments in the program where the journey has felt long, but when I look around at the wonderful people I’ve met, I want the time to slow down. I will always remember one moment in particular. I was out at dinner with a group of friends from the cohort. It was a normal night of laughter, drinks and chatting about life… when suddenly, it hit me. I was surrounded by a group of amazing individuals who were not only from different walks of life, but also different parts of the world. United States, Dominican Republic, Korea, Thailand, China, Indonesia, just to name a few. It’s remarkable how MSC is able to cultivate such a diverse of individuals together. Words cannot express how incredibly blessed I felt at that moment and every Saturday for the past 10 months. When I started the program, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As a new student, you’ll hear alumni and past MSC bloggers talk about the relationships you build and how much you’ll take from your cohort. It feels like a lot of pressure to foster those relationships early on, but if you’re a new student reading this, know that it all takes time. The first quarter was challenging for me, I was in a new city and didn’t know anyone. But as long as you keep an open-mind and open-heart, the relationships will develop naturally. And as you’ll hear from many, those relationships will be life-changing. This final quarter has been invigorating, challenging, and bittersweet. We’re almost there MSC’14. It has been such a pleasure meeting each and every one of you, but this is not goodbye, it’s just the beginning of an exciting new chapter. It’s the final stretch, here we go!