Journey To The Final Stretch

It’s crazy to think that entire program has come and (almost) gone. It seemed like only yesterday that I was making the final preparations to move to Illinois and start this program. And now? We’re at the halfway mark of our the final quarter. Only 3 more weeks of class before we walk across the stage and become official Masters of Communication. imageThere have been moments in the program where the journey has felt long, but when I look around at the wonderful people I’ve met, I want the time to slow down. I will always remember one moment in particular. I was out at dinner with a group of friends from the cohort. It was a normal night of laughter, drinks and chatting about life… when suddenly, it hit me. I was surrounded by a group of amazing individuals who were not only from different walks of life, but also different parts of the world. United States, Dominican Republic, Korea, Thailand, China, Indonesia, just to name a few. It’s remarkable how MSC is able to cultivate such a diverse of individuals together. Words cannot express how incredibly blessed I felt at that moment and every Saturday for the past 10 months. When I started the program, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As a new student, you’ll hear alumni and past MSC bloggers talk about the relationships you build and how much you’ll take from your cohort. It feels like a lot of pressure to foster those relationships early on, but if you’re a new student reading this, know that it all takes time. The first quarter was challenging for me, I was in a new city and didn’t know anyone. But as long as you keep an open-mind and open-heart, the relationships will develop naturally. And as you’ll hear from many, those relationships will be life-changing. This final quarter has been invigorating, challenging, and bittersweet. We’re almost there MSC’14. It has been such a pleasure meeting each and every one of you, but this is not goodbye, it’s just the beginning of an exciting new chapter. It’s the final stretch, here we go!

Northwestern University’s 156th Annual Commencement

10371447_10102931674163372_1801054456325944884_n On June 20th, about 15 MSC to-be graduates participated in Northwestern University’s 156th Annual Commencement.  We all met at Francis Searle, helped one another figure out how to wear our ‘hoods’, took photos, met family members, and then hopped on the shuttle bus to Ryan Field. Upon arriving at the field, we became part of the ‘purple sea’ of undergraduate students, graduate students and doctoral students. The energy was electrifying.  Huge accomplishments were being recognized and honored at this ceremony. The sense of pride from the students, families, friends and faculty members was palpable. MSC sat in a group with Northwestern’s School of Communication, distinguishable by the silver tassels that all of us wore. We listened to Chicago Symphony Orchestra music director, Riccardo Muti address the crowd with a light-hearted, encouraging message.  After the ceremony concluded, we turned in our robes, went our separate ways, and mentally began to ‘gear up’ for our last term as MSC students at Northwestern.  Today, we have just 39 days left until we officially receive our diplomas and graduate with our Master degrees.  Can’t wait!

Sam Logan Khaleghi’s (MSC ’10) produces Matt Austin music video now featured on

Sam Logan Khaleghi’s (MSC ’10) produces Matt Austin music video now featured on Congratulations Sam! Matt Austin: Redneck Date Night Music Video THE RECORD EAGLE ed-in-country-music-video/print

Another Term Comes to a Close

photo (5) As another term comes to a close, graduation day becomes more and more of a reality.  In just 8 weeks, each member of the MSC class of 2014 will receive his/her diploma.  A diploma is printed on a piece of paper but that piece of paper does not embody what MSC at Northwestern truly means.  The diploma will be a symbol of not only the knowledge gained through the MSC program, but the relationships and experiences built.  Last Saturday during lunch, as I walked around campus with some of my classmates — my friends, enjoying the beautiful lake path, I reflected on this notion. I have come to enjoy being at class on Saturday because I know that I will be learning something that I will be engaged in, and also because I know my friends will be there beside me, too. I know that I am not the only person who feels this way either.  With that said, fellow classmates, let’s dive in to our final term with everything we’ve got! Cheers to one term left!

Seth Maxwell to Give MSC 2014 Convocation Keynote Address

MSC is pleased to announce that Seth Maxwell, founder and CEO of The Thirst Project, will deliver the keynote address at convocation on August 9, 2014. About Seth Maxwell Seth Maxwell is the Founder & CEO of The Thirst Project. The Thirst Project has made a bold commitment to ending the clean water crisis. In less then 5 years, The Thirst Project has raised the funds for the construction of over 788 water projects in 11 countries, giving clean water and hope to hundreds of thousands of people. Mr. Maxwell has spoken internationally at over 300 schools, countless churches, and numerous conferences, including the TEDx Hollywood Youth Conference, the Nexus Global Youth Summit, and addressing the United Nations General Assembly. Mr. Maxwell was named one of Forbes’s “Top 30 Under 30” earlier this year and was recently invited to the White House to discuss how to activate millennials toward work in the social sector. Upon learning that almost one billion people lack access to clean water and that water-borne illnesses account for more than 80% of all global disease, he gave up acting to focus on water education. He graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts with a degree in Acting. For information about Seth Maxwell and The Thirst Project, visit the following links. The Thirst Project Forbes’s Profile of Seth Maxwell Rverie’s Conversation with Seth Maxwell Seth Maxwell’s TED Talk

The Chronicle of Higher Education Profiles Professor Eszter Hargittai

School of Communication Professor Eszter Hargittai and Kellogg Professor Brayden King’s are featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education for their work related to  “Managing Your Online Reputation.” Prof. Hargittai discussed the challenges facing the “Digital Native” generation and how students can use social media to construct a professional image reflective of their goals. Read the full article by Megan O’Neil here.

Associate Professor Eric Patrick featured on WBEZ’s “The Morning Shift”

On Monday morning WBEZ’s “The Morning Shift” featured SoC and MSC Professor Eric Patrick for his new project Citizen Primer. Citizen Primer is a series of YouTube videos created by Prof. Patrick and his students that clarify a number of confusing government policy topics with animation and infographics. The NPR show’s host Tony Sarabia interviewed Prof. Patrick about the creation of Citizen Primer and its mission. To hear the full interview, visit The Morning Shift. For another article about Prof. Patrick’s work with Citizen Primer, see Northwestern University’s release by Senior Public Relations Editor Wendy Leopold. Citizen Primer’s videos can be found at their YouTube channel Informed Rational Voters.

Friday: GMCS Day 6 – And That’s a Wrap!

tiffany lieu photography

The week has come and gone so quickly. It seems like just a couple days ago that my American Airlines flight graced the runway at Heathrow. I’ll always remember that moment and the excitement that overcame me as I met the rest of the GMCS students at the airport. As you may have seen from the previous posts from the cohort (and posts from others in the 2014 GMCS class), the week was packed with wonderful lectures and unforgettable site visits.

For our last day (Friday), we had a free morning and afternoon to explore London on our own before our closing dinner at The Groucho Club. Friday was a great opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep (the jet lag seemed to be residual throughout the week) as well as get in some last minute shopping and site seeing!


Skip ahead to Friday evening. Our 2014 GMCS class put on our best dress and  headed over to The Groucho Club in Soho. After check-in, we were told to head up 2 1/2 flights of stairs to our event room. I wasn’t quite sure what the hostess meant by “1/2” flight, but it turns out that it was literally in-between the end of the second flight and beginning of the third. A small detail, but such a unique touch! tiffany lieu photography We were treated to a beautiful 3-course dinner (along with Coffee and/or English tea afterwards) with several NU alumni from London, LSE professors, Dean O’Keefe, and of course our hosts (and fellow NU alumni) Lou Stein and his lovely wife, Deidre Gibbin. Dean Barbara O’Keefe gave a superb opening speech that really solidified the magnitude of how special it is to be part of Northwestern. Lou Stein also expressed a few words and also extended his hospitality to any of us who happen to pass through London in the future. Wildcats stick together no matter where they are in the world! To wrap up the evening, Andy Hinds (representing the MSC students) and Amina Munir (representing the undergraduates) gave closing remarks, expressing the appreciation we all had for Director of EPICS Heather Trulock, Dean Barbara O’Keefe, Lou Stein and all those involved in making this incredible weekend possible. The Groucho Club was truly the perfect ending to a perfect week. The week really showed me that despite where we come from (city, background, school class, etc.) the only thing that really matter is that we are all Wildcats. Just as it’s emulated through the MSC program, no matter where life takes each of us, we’ll always have the NU community behind us. In closing, I have to say that there are really not enough words to express my unyielding gratitude for this remarkable experience. It has opened my eyes to so many opportunities and given me a whole new perspective on where I’d like to take my professional career next. Everyday the MSC program becomes more than what I thought it would be. I know that I will carry the experience of this week throughout the rest of my personal life and professional career. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and can’t wait to share more of my experience with the rest of my cohort. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible and a big thanks to my wonderful 2014 GMCS class, each of you have taught me so much throughout this week. Go ‘Cats!