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Location and Why it is Important

Are you in the right location to make the most money for your career?

Have you ever thought about this question in depth? Where you live matters more that you know. Until recently I had not thought about it. I always figured I live close to Chicago, which was a blessing because there are endless opportunities in the city, however, after researching the best cities to live if you want to be a designer, I realized I am actually better off living in California.

Did you know that two people doing the exact same job in two different cities make a significantly different salary? Crazy, right?

I highly suggest researching the cities best suited for your career. Warning, you may feel underpaid in your current job with a strong urge to relocate. But that’s just fine; people move all the time within the same country, it is known as internal movement.

Where you go to college, what you pick as your career and where you decide to live are three major life questions that people as a whole need to think deeply about before making a decision.

The answers to these questions will determine the rest of your life. Think and answer wisely, your future depends on it.