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There is No I in Team

Teams, they surround us on a daily basis: at work, our kid’s sports teams, and in school dealing with group projects just to name a few.

We have been dealing with teamwork our entire lives but did we ever really understand how we pick our teams? Who works well together and why?

In the Understanding and Leveraging Networks class, this past week was centered on teams and what makes teams work within companies.

When putting together a team, there are some key factors to look for in order to have a positive outcome.

  1. Look for people who are interested in becoming part of a team. Those who do not want to work well with others clearly will not be beneficial to have.
  2. Find people who have skills sets that vary from your own, people who bring different views to the table.
  3. Is this person you are thinking about teaming up with super busy? Will they have time to get the project completed? Make sure you team up with people who have enough time to get the job done. Otherwise you are looking at a group nightmare.

We all want to be successful in life, and teams are not going anywhere. Understanding what makes a team work is important.

Stay tuned this quarter to find out how to continue to be successful on your teams but also in your personal network and life.