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Mixing Your Networks

Is it bad to mix your personal and business networks?

What do you think? The answer is not black or white; it lands in the gray area because it really depends on the people involved.

Lets say you want to find a mentor, you pick who you relate to the most and who you think will benefit you and help you succeed, but their only free time is at their child’s sporting event… how do you feel?

Some people would feel offended and uncomfortable in that setting because it is not business professional, however, some people would not have a problem with it. They would feel grateful that their mentor is willing to help them even if it is in a personal atmosphere. But it is not bad to mix your networks as long as those involved do not mind.

This week we discussed Heidi Roizen and how she maintained her network to be a huge success.

Here are some overall tips to keeping your network:

  1. Always socialize with those who might benefit you in the future
  2. 2. Trim your network when it feels necessary
  3. Take time to help those who need it
  4. Manage your time

Networks are important because life revolves around who you know. If you know someone who is looking to fill a position in their company and you also know someone who is looking for that kind of job, connect them.

Help others so they will help you in the future when you need it.