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Can a Company Own a Specific Color?

Trademarking, branding and color copyright. This was a topic brought up today in the Visual Communication class that got everyone thinking. Can a company trademark a color? The initial answer we settled on was no, but after further discussion, we believe the answer is yes, under certain circumstances. We know that companies can trademark fonts

Mixing Your Networks

Is it bad to mix your personal and business networks? What do you think? The answer is not black or white; it lands in the gray area because it really depends on the people involved. Lets say you want to find a mentor, you pick who you relate to the most and who you think

Spring Quarter

Welcome back, everyone! I hope each and every one of us enjoyed our two weeks off. Time to get back into school mode. After the first class of the spring semester, I felt confident in my elective choice and happy with the information I will be learning in both the core and elective courses. The

The Creative Class

Want to succeed in society today? One global strategy that Professor Gaonkar recommended is to belong to the creative class. Belonging to this specific class will make you more economically secure. What is the creative class you might ask? Well, the creative class includes those who work in science and engineering, architecture and design, education,

Social Media and its Effect on the Youth

I was assigned a book report for my Understanding Media Markets class, and I stumbled upon this really great novel about social media and how it is effecting the youth in today’s society. Many people think that social media and the accessibility teens have to their phones is going to ruin them and their social

The Future: Selling Less of More

Chris Anderson in his novel, The Long Tail, discusses where the future of business is headed. Stores are moving away from selling a lot of one specific product to selling small amounts of a lot of items. How does it work though? There are a couple rules to follow to help you understand how it works.

Retail Shopping

We all shop, whether we go to the store or shop online. However, where you decide to shop effects other stores surrounding you. Some stores are using a great strategy to get your business, which seems to be working. Let me explain. As a whole, we realize that big stores like Wal-Mart can be seen

Location: We are Lucky to Live Where We Do

It was just brought to my attention that there are only 18 sessions left of the MSC program. That just seems hard to believe, in my opinion. I feel like we just met at a meet and greet and started class… I guess it is true: time flies. We should make the most out of

MSC’s Jason DeSanto weighs in on the 5th GOP Debate

Many current students just experienced a day-long seminar on the Dilemma’s in the Law of Free Expression with MSC’s Jason DeSanto. The day is always so engaging that the pleas and promises begin in hopes of being one of the lucky twenty-four to enroll in his MSC summer course Public Persuasion; thankfully for the staff, enrollment is automated through

Express Your Own Voice

Here we are, finishing our first quarter of the MSC program. The amount I have learned the past 10 weeks is unimaginable. Learning about changes within a company, how to make the changes work, what doesn’t work and the different kinds of personalities within an organization will help us all in our real world professions.