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How Professionals Earn a Master’s in Communication While Employed

While a new cohort of master’s students starts at the MS in Communication program each year, invariably the incoming professionals tell us the same reasons they decided now was the time to go back to school; they are looking for advancement in their careers, more responsibility at work, or a way to transition to a new industry or job function. For working professionals that share these goals, pausing their career for one or even two years while they go back to school full time is not only not feasible, it’s also potentially damaging. The time spent out of the workforce, combined with the lost wages, puts them at a huge deficit. That’s why Northwestern’s Master of Science in Communication program is designed as a part-time communication program.

Professional communication masters come in a variety of forms, each with their own benefits and pitfalls. That’s why the MS in Communication program at Northwestern University offers two programs, giving you two ways to earn the same great degree.

First, we offer our Custom Leadership Program. Students enrolled in the CLP meet most Saturdays for a year, learning the skills necessary to become more valued and effective leaders. While some schools offer evening masters in communication programs, we believe that our Saturday format allows our students to come into the classroom fresh, without affecting their normal weekday routines. And, since this is a professional communication masters program, you’ll be able to bring your challenges from work into the classroom, and the lessons from the MS in Communications program immediately into your office.

Second, for those with management experience who are not able to attend class every Saturday, we offer the Hybrid Leadership Program. The “Hybrid” aspect of this program refers to the combined online/on-campus format. The curriculum includes four in-residence seminars to immerse you in content, simulations, and skills training that cannot be honed and refined online. If your schedule lends itself better to an evening masters in communication program, but the thought of driving to a classroom after a long day isn’t appealing, this may be the part time communication program for you.

Whether it’s on Saturdays or online, consider Northwestern University’s MS in Communication program to get ahead without pausing your career. 

Matt Peyton
Admissions and Marketing Coordinator