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Lauren Rein

Graduation Reflections

The MSC ’17 cohort graduated on August 11. It was an amazing day and I was delighted to introduce our keynote speaker, Rocky Wirtz! As some people have asked to see the words to the speech, I am including them below as it’s an accurate recap of my MSC experience. Since we walked into orientation

Learning Lessons: 1st Quarter Reflections

Enjoying my school break, on December 14, I went to the annual food drive and holiday concert at Guitar Works.  This socially responsible store (homage to my strategic communication class and Professor Iden) puts together an hour-long performance featuring the talented owner, Terry Straker, and store employees, in conjunction with the guests who donate food

My First Week Of Grad School

As I look back on my first Saturday in the MSC program, I have a few takeaways. The day goes by quickly. I heard that at orientation. I didn’t believe them. Just as the MSC program is accelerated, I got to figure out people’s personalities and know their names…QUICKLY. The Leading Collaboration core class has

Building Blocks of the Elevator Pitch

Welcome to orientation! Faculty director and Associate Professor, Michelle Shumate, PhD led the first workshop about the Elevator Pitch. Pre-orientation, we were asked to prepare and memorize a 30 second Elevator Introduction. The content is a short, clear, and impressive snippet of what you would say to a leader in a company you currently work