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My First Week Of Grad School

As I look back on my first Saturday in the MSC program, I have a few takeaways.

  • The day goes by quickly. I heard that at orientation. I didn’t believe them.
  • Just as the MSC program is accelerated, I got to figure out people’s personalities and know their names…QUICKLY.
  • The Leading Collaboration core class has already opened my eyes on the distinction between groups (of individuals) and teams. Teams can bring up an individual performance and the “best member” can drive the performance up but their individual score may drop!
  • The Foundations of Strategic Communication Management elective class has fueled my fascination with mission statements. We are writing one for the class, in groups, and will collectively decide on the best one. We will hold each other accountable each week – are we meeting the mission?
  • I will take advantage of the school’s quick bandwidth and download readings in advance so I am prepared.
  • That being written, I don’t think I am going to bring my laptop to class. I learn better by writing down my notes and gives me one less thing to carry throughout the day.
  • Did you know the school library is open until 3am Monday through Thursday?!
  • My free time has slowly evaporated and is spent reading, writing, playing the guitar, or wondering if I am supposed to be doing something else.
  • I will not be hungry….We get breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Yet, I wasn’t tired!
  • Being a grad student is not an excuse to stop exercise. With my Fitbit in tow, I will make sure I get those 10,000 steps in on class day!

by Lauren Rein

MSC class of 2017