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Madison Adduci

Express Your Own Voice

Here we are, finishing our first quarter of the MSC program. The amount I have learned the past 10 weeks is unimaginable. Learning about changes within a company, how to make the changes work, what doesn’t work and the different kinds of personalities within an organization will help us all in our real world professions.

MSC Beneficial for the Future

We are quickly approaching the registration for our second quarter… hard to believe, right? As fast as this first quarter is flying by, I cannot imagine how fast graduation will approach. After this first quarter is completed, I think we will all be able to agree that this program will be the best thing to

Breaking Ground for New Complex: Innovation

Innovation: an idea or practice perceived as new by an individual. This is what we are discussing in Change Management. Do we think that innovation is good or bad? The truth is, innovation can go both ways. Whether or not innovation works is based on the organization and the type of people in said organization.

Picking an Elective

Six weeks completed, three weeks to go. We had no idea what to expect, but for me, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Starting my Master’s program, I did not know what was all entailed but after the first six weeks of class; it is totally manageable. I

The Beginning

Here we are, in the middle of our first MSC quarter where the weeks seem to be flying by. We all are adjusting our lives to fit the new course load, the Saturday classes and balancing school with work. As someone who commutes from an hour south of campus, I thought the drive to class