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Express Your Own Voice

Here we are, finishing our first quarter of the MSC program. The amount I have learned the past 10 weeks is unimaginable.

Learning about changes within a company, how to make the changes work, what doesn’t work and the different kinds of personalities within an organization will help us all in our real world professions.

We learned about having a voice, and ways to make changes go over smoothly. Electing a representative to speak for a group of people is one way to have your voice heard. You can also ensure you are heard by having a diverse committee, covering all opinions of those involved.

However, the best way to make sure a change will go over well is to listen. When people feel like they are listened to, they become more accepting and willing to adjust.

If a person or group does not feel like their opinion is heard, and it was just an act, they will alienate themselves and want nothing to do with that specific organization or company.

Here’s an example. If a board of directors for a high school is going to introduce a major change, like closing one school, the community is bound to get upset. But, if you let the community voice what they think should happen, like which school should close, it increases the acceptance rate.

Even if the vote does not go in their favor, at least they feel like it was taken into consideration.

We all want to be heard and feel like we matter. If you ever feel like you are not being heard, find others who agree with your thinking on a matter and elect a representative to fight for what you want.

Have a great holiday!