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Madison Adduci

Social Media and its Effect on the Youth

I was assigned a book report for my Understanding Media Markets class, and I stumbled upon this really great novel about social media and how it is effecting the youth in today’s society. Many people think that social media and the accessibility teens have to their phones is going to ruin them and their social

Long Tail vs. Blockbuster Strategy

Long tail and blockbuster strategy might be terms you have heard before, or they could be completely new to you. Both are very important to understanding how companies determine how to spend and invest in products or movies. Long tail can be used in the marketplace for almost everything, including the retail world and media

The Future: Selling Less of More

Chris Anderson in his novel, The Long Tail, discusses where the future of business is headed. Stores are moving away from selling a lot of one specific product to selling small amounts of a lot of items. How does it work though? There are a couple rules to follow to help you understand how it works.

Retail Shopping

We all shop, whether we go to the store or shop online. However, where you decide to shop effects other stores surrounding you. Some stores are using a great strategy to get your business, which seems to be working. Let me explain. As a whole, we realize that big stores like Wal-Mart can be seen

Location: We are Lucky to Live Where We Do

It was just brought to my attention that there are only 18 sessions left of the MSC program. That just seems hard to believe, in my opinion. I feel like we just met at a meet and greet and started class… I guess it is true: time flies. We should make the most out of

Location and Why it is Important

Are you in the right location to make the most money for your career? Have you ever thought about this question in depth? Where you live matters more that you know. Until recently I had not thought about it. I always figured I live close to Chicago, which was a blessing because there are endless

Why We Watch What We Watch

Have you ever thought about why you pick television shows and movies to watch? What draws you to that specific genre? Discussed in Understanding Media Markets and Users class, we realized that sometimes people pick what to watch based on what they know they don’t want to see. Let me explain. If you are scrolling

Welcome Back!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday break and are ready to start our second quarter in the MSC program. Breaks never seem long enough, but we all showed up and are ready to learn and expand our minds. During the weeks we had off since practicums, our fellow students have gone

Practicum Week Continued

Thursday and Friday of practicums were really interesting and intellectual, in my opinion. Thursday’s session was on dilemmas in the law of free expression, where we discussed and broke down the first amendment. We talked about controversial issues like whether or not the burning of the American flag should be protected. All in all, the

Practicum Week

Practicum week. When you hear this you think about 5 long days filled with PowerPoint slides and lectures. While this is true, it is way more than that. We are required to attend four of five practicum sessions, which originally seemed like a lot but in reality, it was worth the trip. I started on